Dye sensitized organic solar cells

This study explores the synergistic integration of natural fruit-derived dyes, extracted from diverse fruits, including raspberry and pomegranate, within the framework of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC). Concurrently, it employs an innovative approach involving the electro-spraying technique to deposit titanium oxide, optimizing its interface within the solar cell structure.

The investigation delves into the extraction and characterization of light-absorbing dyes from raspberry, pomegranate, and similar fruits, highlighting their suitability for photovoltaic applications. These natural dyes are then seamlessly integrated into the DSSC architecture, replacing conventional synthetic dyes, aiming to enhance light absorption and electron transfer.

Furthermore, the study introduces the application of electro-sprayed titanium oxide as a critical component in the photoactive layer. This technique allows precise deposition of titanium oxide, facilitating improved surface morphology and charge transport properties within the solar cell structure.