Wearable Electronics: Smart Face Mask Based on an Ultrathin Pressure Sensor for Wireless Monitoring of Breath Conditions

Deaths from sudden cardiac disease have been at a high level among causes of mortality during the past ten years, according to WHO statistics. Long-term ECG monitoring of the human body is frequently necessary for the approach of preventing and treating sudden cardiac illness. Many diseases, including sudden cardiac disease, will lead to minor alterations in certain bodily factors including breathing rate and sweat composition. The incidence of sudden illness-related deaths can be significantly reduced if the diseases can be correctly diagnosed and treated before the severe symptoms manifest.

In order to achieve the long-term monitoring of minor changes in bodily factors, which may cause by the diseases, without interfering with daily activities, our laboratory is conducting a series of studies on ultrathin film sensors and wearable electronic devices. Including ultrathin film pressure sensors, ultrathin film sweat sensors, and ultra-thin film electrodes for electrocardiogram measurements.

This study was carried out at RIKEN. Takakuwa, a former doctoral student in Waseda University and now assistant professor at the University of Tokyo joined this team.

Zhong, J., Li, Z., Takakuwa, M., Inoue, D., Hashizume, D., Jiang, Z., … & Someya, T. (2022). Smart face mask based on an ultrathin pressure sensor for wireless monitoring of breath conditions. Advanced Materials, 34(6), 2107758.